It all started the early 80’s with a little radio.

I Was 2 years old and I had as a gift from my parents a radio.
I was so happy with that radio, I did take it everywhere.
One time, my dad was sleeping on the couch with migraine.
And my mother told me one time, don’t bother your father,
Because he has having a headache, leave him alone.
I think, in a minute i forgot her words and went to my father to show the radio and ofcourse the loud music that did go with that radio.
My mother, wasn’t happy about that!!!
She took the radio, put it on the floor and stamp on it.
My radio was gone and she was right.
But from that moment on, I did know….
Nobody’s gonna touch my radio again.

As far as I remember, there where always parties at our house with loud music at the early ages we had at that time already an B&O Music set with great Bass. everybody who did join those parties are still talking about it.

I grow up with a lot of musical influences from my: father
He did listen to:
Dire Straits
Pink Floyd
Phill Collins
Bob Marley
Darude – Sandstorm
2 Unlimited
My dad is coming from, a music talented family.
He sings and performs like once a week for the old people in retired homes.
Influences from my mother:
Bruce Springsteen
David Bowie
Mick Jagger
Dolly Dots
Duran Duran
Kenny Loggins
My good friend Deborah
My mother was the Baby-sitter of Deborah I was with her all the time.
The funny part is, She’s from Brasil also adopted and we grow up in a small village called Abbekerk Deborah was a big Micheal Jackson fan. I saw all the movies at her place.
Nephew Stephan:
  • Queen
He did play drums all the time to their music in his bedroom.
  • Eiffel65 (Big “blue” fan)
Cousin Jeff
At the age of 9 years old, my cousin came from Miami.
He was a big radio dj in Miami on WPOW (Power96) called Jamiejam and gave me a tape, from a tape recorder with own mixed Electronic House music on it.
I was so amazed how the music was mixed and blend together, I did listen to it day and night to figure it out.
And from then on, the seeds where planned.
At that time I was listening to bubbling music, it was a blend of electronic dance music and pitched up dancehall/reggae. Now days they will call it, Eclectic or open format. They even used child songs In it.
I always loved the creativity that comes with it.
It all started with vinyl.
To TDK & Maxwell tapes, and my double cassette deck radio.
To walkman, minidisc, cd’s & usb
From vinyl, to Serato & Cd players, to USB Players, to Serato (Phase)
What a revolution we been true.
Saying that, I’ve got a little story in between:
One day with The Urbansquad, we had a gig at the capital city of Belgium (Antwerp)
We were playing on big party boat in the port.
Along with some famous dj’s from Belgium in what they call “Black Music Scene”
The organization was so kind to hire CD players and a mixer.
On our reader there was requested:
2 times Technics SL 1200 or 1210’s
2 times Pioneer CDJ 1000
And a Pioneer mixer.
With monitors
What they arranged was:
2 times Pioneer cdj 100’s (lmao, when I think about it)
And a crappy mixer
Without monitors
And the warm-up dj. Was struggling, and couldn’t beat match.
We were thinking, are we on the right party.
Because Belgium had always a big Black Music Scene,
we always have a lot of respect for the dj’s in Belgium.
But what the hell are we hearing?
The bouncers where guiding us, to the dj booth. (The whole boat was packed)
And then we saw it, the dj was searching for a bpm counter.
Because he did learn playing on players with counters, he couldn’t play without it.
And besides, pitching on a cdj 100 is different then on a 1000.
At our luck, we did know the struggle from vinyl and turntables.
We rocked the place, anyway.
My friend Erik
With Erik I was like 24/7, we did everything together.
He did introduce me to Osdorp Posse (a dutch hiphop group/rap act)
They are making songs with parental Advisory Explicit Content in dutch.
And we where using those lines all the time.
When we grow up, it was really fun to hear (and to use)
At a age of 15 years old I did discover Napster

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